The Brooks Theatre is a 988-seat proscenium theatre.

Loading Dock (at stage level)

Loading Dock Dimensions: Width—23’-0”
Height—3’-7 ½”

Loading Dock Door Dimensions: Width—10’-0”

Brooks Theatre Loading Door Dimensions: Width—11’-0”
(Approx. 36’ from loading dock door) Height—11’-7”

Misc. Equipment

        • (1) Dockplate (3’ wide)
        • (1) Hand truck
        • (2) 2’x2’ Swivel castered dollies
        • (1) 3’x6’ Flatbed cart
        • (6) Castered costume racks
        • (1) 6’ aluminum stepladder
        • (1) 8’ fiberglass stepladder
        • (1) 12’ fiberglass stepladder
        • (1) Genie Lift (max. platform height 19')
        • (1) Handy Herman personnel lift (max. height 24’)

Dressing Rooms

There are six dressing rooms located directly beneath the Brooks Theatre stage ( 1 & 2 accommodate 12 people each; 3 & 4 accommodate 4 people each; 5 & 6 accommodate 2 people each). Access to the dressing rooms is through the exits stage right and left, the elevator, or the orchestra pit lift.
Each dressing room receives program feed via a 70-volt distributed audio system with duckable paging capability.
The dressing rooms have sinks, vanities, clothes racks, and showers. There are restrooms adjacent to the dressing rooms.


The Brooks Theatre stage floor is a sprung wood floor consisting of 2' by 3' spreaders on neoprene pads which supports 3/4” plywood covered by 1/4” masonite attached with 1-1/4” wood screws. Attaching to the floor is permitted. If drill holes are larger than 1/8”, they must be plugged.

Orchestra Lift

The lift is a motorized screw jack lift. It has two set stops: stage level and trap room/pit level. Controls are located downstage right and in the trap room.

Downstage right there are controls for the following: acoustical curtains, orchestra lift, production intercom, and house/panic lights.

Available Power Drops

There are three power disconnects available. There are 100 amp, 200 amp, and 400 amp 120/240 volt AC power disconnects available on stage. The switches are fed by a 800-amp switch gear breaker. Switches are located at stage level on stage right wall. Bare ends are required for tie-in. Due to the fact that Clemson University students are the primary source of labor, it will be necessary to arrange for a qualified electrician to be present at load-in and load-out. If a power drop is needed for your show, please contact the production supervisor as soon as possible to allow the necessary arrangements to be made.

Intercom System

Clear-Com positions are available throughout the house and backstage area. We will make every attempt to accommodate all requests that are within the architectural constraints of the system.

Base Station (1) Clear-Com MS-400A-GM 4 Channel System

Matrix (1) Clear-Com MX-840 Addresses All 59 stations

Belt packs (14) Clear-Com RS-501 Single Channel

Headsets (9) Clear-Com CC-75 Single Muff
(3) Telex PH-1 Single Muff
(3) Telex PH-88 Lightweight Single Muff