General Policies

Fire Safety

Clemson University is its own municipality and its rules and procedures govern practices. All local, state, and federal laws apply. There is a proscenium fire drape, which can not be blocked by any object that will not crush flat under the momentum of the drape.
Any and all uses of open flame, smoking, generating of effects, and pyrotechnics must be properly permitted through the University and State (when applicable).


Pyrotechnic permits take a minimum of 30 days to process with the state. To assure your pyro can be used we require a 60 day minimum notice. This will allow us to get approval from the university. Only then can we apply to the state for the permit.

Rigging and Overhead Safety

Any and all objects suspended in the Brooks Theater must meet OSHA rules and regulation. Any and all objects must have a steel backup to Spanset use. All hardware MUST be rated for overhead lifting. Final approval of all things rigged must come from the Production Supervisor.

There is no breasting of pipes in the Brooks Theater. There is not a rated anchor on stage right. Lateral force is not acceptable on the head blocks and deflection of the pipes is common when breasting.

Food and Beverage

The consumption of food and beverage is restricted to the lobby, lounge, green room, and hallways. No food or drinks on stage, with the exception of Bottled water.

Event Parking

Event parking can normally be found in the commuting student parking lot, C-11, adjacent to the Brooks Center. Additional parking may be found near the Strom Thurmond Institute as well as the employee lot across Jersey Lane. Visitors to the University must acquire a temporary parking permit. Production trucks will be provided a temporary permit and parking instructions upon arrival at the Brooks Center.
All guest artists cars must be registered through the production office and given passes.

Support Areas

There is a Green Room with kitchen (and phone if necessary) located just outside the theater loading doors.
A wardrobe room, with washer, dryer, steamers, irons, is located beneath the stage.
The freight elevator can be used for loading costumes to the basement.
Contact the Production Supervisor in advance concerning need and availability of all support areas.

Technical crews

Technical crews assigned to your production will be comprised largely, if not entirely, of Clemson University students. These students have been trained by the faculty and staff and are instructed to provide as near professional service as possible. The knowledge, training, and experience of each student technician may vary.