Sound System

FOH Console

(1) Digico D1 The D1 system is a digital console with remote preamplifier racks connected via MADI.  The stage right rack contains 48 microphone inputs, 8 tube preamp inputs, 16 line outputs, and 16 outputs Aviom A-Net on a RJ45. There are also 32 microphone inputs, 16 line outputs, 16 AES/EBU inputs, and 10 AES/EBU outputs located in the sound booth.  At the mix position in the house, there are 10 unused microphone inputs and 4 unused line outputs.

Public Address Speaker System



Wireless Frequencies Frequencies used for wireless microphones

518 to 544 MHz
Frequencies used for assisted listening
Channel E ~ 72.500 MHz Channel O ~ 74.000 MHz


Wireless Equipment

(8) Sennheiser EM 550 G2 2 channel Receiver with antenna distribution.


(1) Marantz PMD 340 CD Player
(1) Denon DN-C640 CD Player

(1) Tascam CD-RW901SL CD recorder

Signal Processing:

(1) XTA GQ 600 1/3 octave graphic equalizer
(1) BSS DPR 402 Compressor/Limiter/De-esser
(2) Drawmer DS 404 Quad Gate
(2) Drawmer DL 441 Quad Compressor/Limiter
(1) Ashly GQX 3102 1/3 octave graphic equalizer
(1) Yamaha REV500 Digital Reverberator

(1) Yamaha SPX 2000 Digital Reverberator
(1) T.C. Electronic D*TWO Multitap Rhythm Delay

Direct Boxes:

(2) BSS Audio AR-133 Active Direct Box

(8) Radial J48 Active Direct Box

(4)Radial JDI Passive Direct Box