Keyboard majors have the opportunity to specialize and study in the areas of solo piano, accompanying, organ, and carillon. We offer the only carillon major in South Carolina! Majors have weekly applied lessons and ample opportunities to perform in recitals on-and off-campus.

Carillon StudentsLinda Li-Bleuel with student

Classes include private instruction, beginning classes and accompanying.

Individual applied lessons feature instruction on a one-manual G.C. Klopp Continuo and on a two-manual Allen digital/pipe hybrid organ.

The Clemson University Carillonneurs have the opportunity to play the 47-bell Clemson Memorial Carillon atop Tillman Hall. Cast in France, the bells range from 32 to 4,300 pounds, and can be heard up to a quarter mile from campus. Carillon classes and private instruction are offered.

Jazz Piano
Students are tutored in jazz theory, technique, and improvization skills.

Linda Dzuris,Organ & Carillon
Linda Li-Bleuel, Piano
Hazen Bannister, Jazz Piano
Cindy Goodloe, Piano