Where are they now?

Once our students leave our program with fresh Production Studies in Performing Arts degrees in hand, these brand new Clemson Alumni start down various paths that lead them to success with a lot of learning along the way.

Here are a few of their destinations...

ANTHONY SIST - Class of 2010

Currently pursuing his Master of Music at the University of Maryland

EMILY PERKINS - Class of 2006

   New York resident, actor, improviser, and voice-over artist with previous work

with Crayola , Nestle Raisinets, and Pastry Shoes

LINDSAY MORELLI - Class of 2010

Currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Teaching in Performing Arts

with an emphasis in Choral Music Education at the College of Charleston


Practicing lawyer for McGrath Law Group, P.C. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

MICHAEL EAST - Class of 2007

Associate Project Manager at Technical Theater Solutions in Charleston, SC

WISHBONE THEATRE COLLECTIVE - Founded in January 2009 by nine Clemson alumni

Supportive community of artists in Chicago, IL that explore

group collaborations, re-imaginings of existing works, and new plays.

And SO many more...


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Give us the details on what you're doing now and a way to contact you to keep you up to date with news and happenings back at your alma mater.

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