Production Studies in Performing Arts...
                   A Degree for the REAL WORLD!


A culture of performance excellence and intimate classes encourages students to become partners with the faculty in the educational process. We WELCOME students seeking a unique program of study tailored to their specific career aspirations and driven by their interests.

The Audio Technology emphasis within the Production Studies in Performing Arts major at Clemson University allows students to focus on recording techniques, live sound reinforcement, and music technology. Coupled with the core Production Studies curriculum, the Audio Technology emphasis prepares students for a wide variety of career choices in music technology. Classes within the Audio Technology curriculum include acoustics, music technology, live sound reinforcement, and audio engineering courses. Courses in music theory and music history are complimentary components of the curriculum.

The Music emphasis concentration cohesively combines studies in performance, music theory, music history, music technology, and arts administration into a program that encourages students to tailor their studies to their specific career aspirations. With more than 20 performing groups from which to choose, students can participate in any number of musical ensembles, designed not only around their specific talents, but also those they want to develop.

Intense and diverse, the Theatre program at Clemson combines exciting aspects of performance, design, and playwriting in an academically challenging environment. While our majors do specialize, they are introduced to every aspect of a theatrical event: actors design; writers act; and directors write. Each student experiences a department intent on exposing students to a wide variety of performances and plays, from classical to contemporary, especially emphasizing both the production values and thematic/structural diversity of new works.



Admissions to the Production Studies in Performing Arts degree is a two-step process. First, students should apply to Clemson by the December 1 priority deadline, send an official high school transcript with senior year courses listed, and request official SAT or ACT scores be sent to Clemson directly from the testing agency.

For further information regarding the admissions process, please go to

Secondly, all students are required to pass a departmental audition/interview.