The Department of Performing Arts at Clemson University offers Applied Music Lessons to all students attending Clemson University. Private instruction is offered on a wide variety of instruments as well as voice. Students receive 1 hour of academic credit per semester. An applied music fee is charged for each semester of private lessons. The charge for private lessons will appear on the student's university statement.


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  • A fee will be applied to the student's account for each section of Applied Music the student registers for.

Non-Music Majors - $305.00                  Music Majors - $400.00

  • Lessons typically begin the first full week of scheduled classes. There are 12 applied lessons per semester.

Non-Music Major Classes are 30 minutes each.

Music Major Classes are 45 minutes each

  • Instructors will contact the student via e-mail to make final arrangements regarding lesson day and time.

 If a student has not heard from the instructor by the first full week of classes, they should e-mail the instructor or contact the Performing Arts Office at 656-3043.

Choosing the Right Instructor and Class Section:

Following is a list of the Applied Music Instructors, the various instruments with corresponding section numbers, and e-mail addresses for the instructors.

Dr. Lisa Odom Voice 001
Prof. Luke Browder Voice 002
Prof. Lea Kibler Flute 003
Dr. Stephen Fischer Saxophone 004
Dr. Eric Lapin Clarinet 005
Dr. Bruce Whisler Trumpet 007
TBD Horn 008  
Prof. Matt Anderson Low Brass 009
Dr. Paul Buyer Percussion 010
Dr. Leslie Warlick Violin/Viola 011
Prof. Laura Pyle Cello 012
Prof. Ian Bracchitta Bass 013
Dr. Linda Li-Bleuel Piano 014
Dr. Cindy Goodloe Piano 015
Dr. Linda Dzuris Organ 016
Dr. Linda Dzuris Carillon 017
Prof. David Stevenson Guitar 018
Prof. Monty Craig Jazz Guitar 019
Prof. Hazen Bannister Jazz Piano 021
Prof. Daniel Kirkpatrick Percussion 022
Prof. Petrea Warneck Oboe 023
Prof. Tim Hurlburt Trumpet 024

Choosing the Right Class Number

The first time a non-music major takes a private lesson, the correct class to register for will be MUSC 1510 and the section number will depend on the instrument. 

FOR EXAMPLE:  A NON-MAJOR wanting to take clarinet lessons for the first time would register for MUSC 1510, Section 005. Even if a student is a senior, but has never taken a private music lesson at Clemson, the correct class number would be 1510.  The following semester would be MUSC 1520, Section 005, and so on. 

For MUSIC MAJORS, the first class to register for would be MUSC 1530, and the following semester would be 1540, etc. 

Applied Music Class Numbers by Semesters:   

1st MUSC 1510 MUSC 1530
2nd MUSC 1520 MUSC 1540
3rd MUSC 2510 MUSC 2530
4th MUSC 2520 MUSC 2540
5th MUSC 3510 MUSC 3530
6th MUSC 3520 MUSC 3540
7th MUSC 4510 MUSC 4530
8th MUSC 4520 MUSC 4540

Students should contact the instructor if they are unsure of the class number they need to register for, or they may contact the Performing Arts Office at 656-3043.


For further questions regarding Applied Music lessons, please contact the Performing Arts office at the number above or send an e-mail to


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