Thomas Green Clemson 200

The Celebration

The bicentennial of Thomas Green Clemson’s birth was cause for celebration among those who benefit from his legacy. Here are some of the ways the Clemson community marked the occasion in 2007:

Lectures and Panels
Several lectures were held in honor of the bicentennial, covering topics such as: “The Multi-Talented TGC,” “The Fort Hill Years of Thomas and Anna Clemson” and “The Life and Legacy of Anna Calhoun Clemson.”

Thomas Green Clemson Bicentennial Speaker’s Bureau
The Bicentennial Speaker’s Bureau offered alumni clubs, civic organizations and school groups an opportunity to lean more about this visionary statesman, scientist and artist. View details about the speakers (.pdf) in the brochure.

Bicentennial Fun Run to Pendleton and Birthday Party
Campus Recreation hosted a 10K road race and a one-mile walk on March 10, beginning at Fort Hill. The finish line for the 10K was at the square in Pendleton, which was the site for a birthday celebration for Thomas Green Clemson, featuring face-painting, musical performances from Clemson faculty ensemble Any Old Time, balloons and birthday cake. Learn more about the events by reading the press release.

Founder’s Day Service
Founder's Day commemorates the anniversary of Thomas Green Clemson's death on April 6, 1888. A prayer service was held on April 9 at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Pendleton, S.C., where Clemson is buried. Learn more about the commemoration by reading the press release.

Exhibits Displayed on Campus

  • Thomas Green Clemson’s Will and Legacy was displayed at the Alumni Center from March to November.
  • What Do You Know About Thomas Green Clemson? was displayed at the Strom Thurmond Institute from May to November.
  • The Clemson Family and the Fort Hill Property was displayed at the Madren Center from May to November.
  • Thomas Green Clemson's Education and Scientific Pursuits was displayed in the Cooper Library lobby from June to November.
  • Thomas Green Clemson's Artistic Pursuits was displayed at Fike Recreation Center from July to November.
  • Thomas Green Clemson's International Experiences was displayed at the Hendrix Student Center from July to November.

Wedding Re-enactment
A re-enactment of Thomas Green Clemson's wedding to Anna Calhoun took place on the lawn of Fort Hill by actors in period dress. The entire Clemson family was invited to attend the Nov. 9 event and to renew their own commitment to Clemson. Later that night, the Clemson University Performing Arts Department performed a TGC Bicentennial Birthday Production at the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts.  Learn more about the events by reading the press release.

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