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High Seminary Vol. 2

High Seminwry of Learning Vol. 2, History of Clemson UniversityAvailable Now

The Clemson Alumni Association is proud to present A History of Clemson University, 1964–2000, Volume 2. A must for the Clemson Family library, this new book looks at Clemson’s modern history as a major research university.

Written by University Historian Jerome V. Reel, the volume opens as the “university era” begins and explores the efforts of the land-grant school to continue to teach, research and serve the people of South Carolina, as Mr. Clemson had envisioned. Once again, Dr. Reel has documented the facts and shared the fascinating, personal stories that make history come alive during the decades of Clemson’s climb into the top ranks of American public universities.

The 544-page book features 200 black-and-white photographs, maps and charts, as well as 39 color photographs.

This new volume is published by the Clemson University Digital Press and distributed through the Alumni Association.

The High Seminary
A History of Clemson University, 1964–2000
Volume 2

By Jerome V. Reel
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