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Floride Isabella Lee Calhoun

Floride Isabella Lee Calhoun, Clemson University South CarolinaMay. 15, 1870-June 4, 1935
Floride Isabella Lee was the only grandchild of Thomas and Anna Maria Clemson. As a child, she visited her grandparents at Fort Hill. Floride Isabella Lee apparently inherited a love of music and poetry. Her most famous composition was “The Hills of Home,” which was put to music by Oscar J. Fox and published by Carl Fischer Inc. in 1925. A second-story bedroom at Fort Hill contains some of her belongings.

Floride Isabella Lee was raised by her father, Gideon Lee, and stepmother in New York. She married a great-grandson of John C. Calhoun. Her husband, Andrew Pickens Calhoun II, was the grandson of Andrew Pickens Calhoun (John C. Calhoun’s eldest son) and the son of Duff Green Calhoun. Floride Lee Calhoun gave birth to four children: Margaret Maria, Gideon Lee, Patrick and Creighton Lee.

Only her youngest son, Creighton Lee Calhoun, married. His son, Creighton Lee Calhoun Jr., is the only great-great-grandchild of Anna Calhoun and Thomas Green Clemson.