How do I begin?

This website is a great place for you to learn about the ePortfolio. The links on the left side of the page will be helpful in getting you started, teach you (almost) everything you need to know about the general education competencies and show you some ePortfolio examples. So click around the site and tell us what you think! eportfolios@clemson.edu

Where do I go to build my ePortfolio?

Log in to CUePort at eportfolio.clemson.edu

CUePort is the site in which you build your General Education ePortfolio. This is the site to which you link your website, and in which you add and tag artifacts.

Remember: To ensure that you have created an ePortfolio that is representative of your Clemson experiences you should begin your ePortfolio the first semester of your freshman year AND continue to work on your ePortfolio throughout your four years at Clemson. That way your ePortfolio will evolve and demonstrate your learning over time.

We also encourage you to think of your ePortfolio as a place to learn about yourself. By engaging in reflection and self-assessment you will have an opportunity for continual learning.

Video Modules

To help you get started with your ePortfolio, three video modules were created.

Module 1 is an overview of the ePortfolio Program and guides you through the creation of your ePortfolio using GoogleSites.

Module 2 explains the process of connecting actual evidence to the competencies. You may pause or rewind the videos any time to better understand or comprehend the content.

**** Please Note: Google Sites is our Primary and Preferred platform for CUePort, other sites such as wix.com[wix.com] may have technical issues not easily resolved by the ePortfolio Staff.****

Module 1: Getting Started with Google Sites
Note: this instructional video opens in a new window, make sure pop-up blockers are OFF.

Module 2: Tagging your Work
Note: this instructional video opens in a new window, make sure pop-up blockers are OFF.

You may also choose to view this Google Training Document[docs.google.com] with step-by-step instructions and screen shots.