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After I am Accepted to ESP: Next Steps

Summer Housing

Summer Housing has already been arranged by the Early Success Program. The cost will be added to your summer bill. Do not sign up or indicate a need for summer housing when you complete your fall housing application. You will move in on June 21st to the location you will stay for both orientation and the Early Success Summer program. Early Success Program staff will pair you with another ESP roommate. When the Early Success Summer program ends, you will move out of your summer housing assignment. You will move back in with all freshman students on Freshman Move In Day!

Girls in the early success program at Clemson University, Clemson South CarolinaSummer Orientation

All ESP students will move in to their ESP residence hall assignment for Summer II on June 21st between 10-1 pm and attend a banquet for both parents and students that evening at 6pm. The students will attend orientation on June 22nd and June 23rd. This orientation is not just for ESP students. There will be many Clemson freshmen in attendance. Aside from academic advising, you will have the same experience as all Clemson freshmen attending this orientation. If you are accepted to the program, you should preference these dates when completing your orientation application. Please Note: If the 22nd and 23rd are full, you should go ahead and select another set of dates, complete the orientation application process and then email Amber Mulkey in order to be moved to the correct session dates.

Fall Housing

You should sign up for fall housing as instructed in your acceptance packet. You can choose whom you would like to room with for the fall. It does not have to be another ESP student. You will be placed in a fall assignment by University Housing. Be sure to pay your fall deposit and complete the steps as instructed. If you have questions about your fall assignment, you should direct them to the University Housing office. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR SUMMER HOUSING.

Admissions Deposit

Upon receiving your acceptance packet, be sure to pay your admissions deposit to confirm your intention to enroll at Clemson for Fall 2015! Deposits are due by May 1st!

Summer Parking

It is up to you if you would like to bring a car over the summer. If you do, you can visit the parking services office while you are here for orientation and purchase a parking pass.

Paying your summer bill

Summer payments can be made through IROAR when you attend orientation. Summer bills will include your summer housing, tuition and additional ESP fees at this time. For In State students, this typically adds up to around $5,000.

Final Transcripts and AP/IB scores

All final transcripts and AP/IB scores should be sent to the Admissions office directly

**There are a number of additional steps for the fall semester outlined in your Admissions acceptance packet. Please be sure to read them carefully and complete all requested steps in order to be ready for the fall!

**The Early Success Program will post an electronic packet to our website mid-May with further details on what you need to do to be prepared for the summer program. This will include what to bring, what to expect, and a reminder of the steps you need to take to be ready for Summer II and Fall! Roommate assignments will be sent via email early June.