Academic Programs

ESP Interview

Please review attached information regarding the Early Success program and your interview. If you have been invited to the program through the appeal process and by admissions and have not yet scheduled an interview please email Emma Reynolds to do so.

Additional Helpful Information

Interview Location
The interview is held in the Undergraduate Studies office. This is E103 Martin Hall. Martin Hall is located behind Sikes Hall (where you may have come for a tour). When you enter the Undergraduate Studies office you will find someone there to greet you.

Interview Agenda
Each interview is scheduled for 1 hour. At least one parent should plan to attend the interview with the student. During the interview we will review the ESP Contract, discuss the summer and fall requirements and I will answer any questions you have regarding the program.

Behind Sikes, you will find timed parking. This is probably the easiest place for you to park and is closest to Martin Hall. You may also go to the Visitors Center (located in the parking lot of the Clemson House) to receive a visitors pass that will allow you to park in more than just the timed spaces.

All ESP students will move in to their ESP residence hall assignment for Summer II on June 22nd between 10-1 pm and attend a banquet for both parents and students that evening at 6pm. The students will attend orientation on June 23rd and June 24th. This orientation is not just for ESP students. There will be many Clemson freshmen in attendance. Aside from academic advising, you will have the same experience as all Clemson freshmen attending this orientation. If you are accepted to the program, you should preference these dates when completing your orientation application. If the 23rd and 24th are full, you should go ahead and select another set of dates, complete the orientation application process and then email me. I will have you moved to the correct dates.