ESP Summer Program

1. Admissions Deposit — If you’ve not paid this already, please visit

2. Clemson USER ID and password — You should have created and activated your Clemson Username and Password when you paid your admissions deposit. Your USER ID will also be your Clemson University email address, which you’ll need to start checking regularly! DO NOT FORWARD YOUR CLEMSON UNIVERSITY EMAIL TO ANOTHER ACCOUNT! For any additional questions concerning Clemson USERID or email accounts see Incoming Students.

3. Fall Housing — As a reminder living on campus during summer, fall and spring semesters is an ESP requirement. If you are not already registered for fall housing, go to the following link and click on New Freshman Application. Students under the age of 18 will be instructed to use their Parent Pin, if you’ve not received your Parent Pin please call housing directly at 864-656-2295. Do not sign up for Summer Housing as it has already been arranged (details below).

4. Clemson Math Placement Test — The math placement test is required for all students. ESP students must take this exam by Friday, June 12th. Please take this placement exam seriously as it will determine your placement in a fall / spring math course. You will not be able to register for the course you need for your major at orientation if you haven’t taken the test and received the appropriate score. You will find the directions and test here.

5. Foreign Language Placement Test (FLPT) (Optional Depending on Major) — This test is online like the math placement test. You can access the test and you will have to sign in with your USERID and password. This needs to be completed by June 12. Click here for more information or questions.l

6. Laptop — All Clemson students are required to have a laptop. While you are not required to have a University approved laptop, it is strongly recommended. ESP students will be required to attend a Laptop workshop during freshman orientation to ensure they are prepared to use their laptops for Summer II classes. Click here for more laptop information.

7. Online Medical Clearance Form — You need to complete and submit your Online Medical Clearance Form. Students who fail to complete their form WILL find a block on their course registration.

8. Final Transcripts- Make sure to have your final official high school transcript sent to Clemson’s Admissions Office. If you have taken dual enrollment courses, make sure to have an official transcript sent to the Admissions Office at Undergraduate Admissions, 105 Sikes Hall, Box 345124, Clemson, SC 29634. DO NOT SEND YOUR FINAL TRANSCRIPT TO US!

If you anticipate earning AP or IB credit, please have those scores sent directly to Clemson University. More information, instructions, and score request forms are available at  We will be able to access this information for advising purposes after they are submitted to the appropriate offices.

9. Financial Aid — Students interested in receiving scholarship or loan information should complete the FAFSA at Typically, financial aid and scholarships do not cover summer classes but that is not always the case.

If you would like to apply for financial aid for summer 2015:

  • Complete the 2014-2015 FASFA application. Summer 2015 is in the last academic year so the application you completed for 15-16 does not apply.
  • Complete the Summer Enrollment form. Be sure to make a note on this form that you are a part of the Early Success Program!
  • Elizabeth Milam is the financial aid contact that is familiar with the Early Success Program. Her phone number is 864-656-3431 and email

ESP Summer Program Specifics

1. Meet your ESP Summer Staff — Check out the ESP website for more information about the ESP staff that you will be working with this summer. We are all excited for your arrival!

2. Freshman Orientation — You should have already signed up for orientation on June 22 and 23. If this orientation session is full, please select another session, pay and complete registration and then email Amber Mulkey so you can be moved to the correct session. Parents, remember you’ll need accommodations for June 21 and 22. 
3. Summer Tuition 
 — Because ESP students will not be able to register for summer classes until June 23rd, tuition and academic fees will not show up on your bill in IRoar until that day (students may currently see ESP fees on their bills, but the bill is currently incomplete as it does NOT include tuition for 6 credit hours). Students will need to go to the business office on June 23rd after registering for summer and fall classes, to pay their summer fees and tuition.

4. Summer Class Registration — Due to changes in the system, ESP students will register for summer classes during their fall registration time at orientation on June 23rd. ESP advisors will provide each student with the names and details for the classes and be present during registration to assist.

5. Opening Banquet — Our Opening Banquet will be at 6 p.m. on June 21 in the Clemson House Ballroom. Each student is permitted to bring two guests. Parents are encouraged to attend. At the banquet, students and parents will enjoy dinner together and will be provided an opportunity to meet all ESP staff members, as well as two of the professors that will be instructing the ESP summer courses.

6. Summer Move In and Roommate Assignment — Students are permitted to move in on Sunday, June 21 between 10 am and 1 pm. You must arrive at the lobby of Byrnes Hall during this block of time to get your keys and check in with ESP and Housing staff. Upon check in, you can move into your room at any time. You will receive your summer roommates contact information in your Clemson email account in early June 

7. Summer Housing — Your summer housing has been arranged in Byrnes Hall. The payment for your Summer Housing fee will show up on your student bill for the Summer Session II (details above under Summer Tuition and Fees). Roommate assignments for Summer II will be made using the answers you provided in the Lifestyles Questionnaire you completed for fall housing. Please ensure you have completed this by no later than May 15. ESP students are not permitted to loft beds during the summer session, nor will they be able to rent a mini-fridge through Clemson Housing. However, you can bring EITHER a mini-fridge OR microwave for the summer. There is a microwave located in the kitchen in the lobby of Byrnes. For move in purposes, students can park to unload in the Bryan Mall, but after unloading is complete, must move their cars to allow accessibility of all students moving.

8. July 4 Holiday  The University will be closed on Monday, July 6 for the holiday. ESP classes and commitments will end at 1 p.m. on July 3 and there will be no classes for students on July 6. Students are not required to leave for this holiday, but please note that no ESP staff will be present! Staff will be enjoying the holiday with their families at home and you are encouraged to do the same! Be sure to plan in advance!

9. Summer Housing Policies and Procedures — Please go to 2015-2016 New Student Addendum and Contract and read these policies carefully to ensure you understand each policy as they apply to your Summer Housing. You will be required to sign a document at move in that states you have read and understand each policy and procedure and agree to abide by them. “I did not know,” will not be an accepted excuse.

10. Meal Plan — You are required to select either the Any 10 Plan or Any 20 plan from the options available for Summer II. Meals can always be added to your summer meal plan. You can sign up for a meal plan in the Tiger 1 Card Office while you are here for orientation. Click here for more information on Meal Plans.

11. Parking Pass — If you are bringing a car for the summer program, you need to visit Parking Services in G-01 Edgar Brown Union while you are here for Orientation to purchase a parking pass. These passes are pro-rated from the 2014-2015 academic year and will be around $25. If you are bringing a car for the Fall semester, you need to go online and purchase a parking pass for the 2015-2016 academic year which will be mailed to you in late July. If you are bringing a car for both the summer program and the 2105-2016 academic year; you need to do both of these things.

12. TigerStripe account — Students have an account on their University ID Card. This works like a pre-paid debit card for students at all locations on campus, and many off-campus locations. The minimum amount to open an account is $50. ESP students are required to open an account and deposit the minimum $50 for the Summer II session. Click here for more information about TigerStripe.

ESP Summer Curriculum

ESP students are required to enroll in a prescribed curriculum of courses during the summer. These courses fit into most majors offered at Clemson.

STS 101 – Survey of Science and Technology in Society (3 credit hours):

Surveys historical, philosophical, and social studies of science; introduces the basic requisites for scientific and technological literacy; and considers the problems of responsible participation in a scientifically and technologically advanced society. Specific ESP sections will be taught, and ESP students will be split between multiple sections.

COMM 250 – Public Speaking (3 credit hours):

Practical instruction in public speaking; practice in the preparation, delivery and criticism of short speeches. Develop an understanding and knowledge of the process of communication. Students complete a portfolio. This course includes a lab. Specific ESP sections will be taught, and ESP students will be split between multiple sections.

Welcome from Your Peer Mentors

Our names are Bryce, Connor, and Sydney and we are your peer mentors for this summer. We are so excited to meet and get to know all of you this coming summer! Our main job is to help y’all become adapted to the college lifestyle and help you get to know the Clemson area. All three of us went through the Early Success Program last summer, and all three of us agree that it was one of our favorite summers we’ve ever experienced. We took the same classes that you will be taking this summer, so we know the material that you will be learning, and will be available to help you study and practice speeches whenever you need us.

Please feel free to add all three of us on Facebook so we can add you to the ESP Facebook group. If you have any questions regarding what you need to bring or anything ESP related please feel free to post on the Facebook wall or message us on Facebook, email, or text us (contact info below). We’ve got some great activities planned for y’all this summer, and we seriously can’t wait to meet and get to know all of y’all this summer!!!

Bryce, (864) 553-6785 email:
Connor, (704) 942-4810 email:
Sydney, (864) 237-8109 email: