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The Mission of the National Scholars Program

In collaboration with other University offices and programs, the mission of Clemson’s National Scholars Program is as follows:

  • Recruit and select the top high school students from throughout the United States.
  • Provide a competitive scholarship that covers all tuition, fees and other required expenses.
  • Coordinate a rewarding summer of study and travel in Great Britain.
  • Create and program intellectually challenging and rewarding enrichment opportunities.
  • Provide individual and group advising that addresses and enhances the National Scholars’ interests and skills.
  • Prepare the National Scholars to excel in graduate school and on fellowship applications.

Our Supporters

The National Scholars Program is deeply grateful for the considerable generosity of several Clemson alumni, including:

  • The estate of Mr. and Mrs. William M. Ballenger, Class of 1923
  • J. Anderson Berly, III, Class of 1978
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Bishop, Jr. Class of 1965
  • Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. McAlister, Class of 1941
  • The E. Smyth McKissick, III, Class of 1979 Clemson National Scholars Endowment
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. McMahan, Class of 1954
  • Dr. and Mrs. R. Roy Pearce, Class of 1941
  • The von Rosenberg Family Endowment for Clemson National Scholars

Support the National Scholars Program

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