National Scholars Program

The People of the NSP

Sophomore Scholars at the 2014 National Scholars Weekend.

2008 seniors at year-end cook-out

In classrooms, on campus and around the world, the Clemson National Scholars embrace intellectual engagement, learning experiences of every kind, leadership and public service, and a commitment to excellence.

Since the National Scholars Program began in 2000, we've welcomed more than 100 students from 22 states -- from Ohio to Idaho, Massachusetts to Texas, California to Florida. One Scholar even graduated from high school in Jakarta, Indonesia! (See the graphic below for the home states of both National Scholars and finalists.)

Because most Scholars take Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and college coursework in high school, the Scholars begin Clemson with an average of 35 college credit hours. Most still plan to stay four years, but this "credit cushion" provides the option of pursuing leadership roles in extracurricular activities or double majors. In high school, the Scholars typically participated in a wide range of activities including academic clubs, student council, literary magazines, school newspapers, and sports; conducted research; and volunteered in their schools and communities.

During the summers, Scholars receive top internships, National Science Foundation-sponsored research positions, co-operative education experiences and studies abroad. During their time at Clemson, they are sought by top Clemson professors for Creative Inquiry and other research opportunities. During senior year, Scholars receive acceptances from top medical, law, graduate and professional schools and job offers from top corporations.

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