National Scholars Program

National Scholars Program Experience

2014 cohort in Cape Town during their study abroad experience in South Africa.

Ben Ward and Shannon Edd after a hike to the top of Snowdon Mountain in Wales during their UK study abroad

While the full scholarship is an important part of the National Scholars Program experience, the financial benefits of the program are matched by an equally rewarding educational experience. The education of the National Scholars begins at the top of a ropes course during the freshman Scholars retreat and ends wherever their imagination and creativity take them.

The most rewarding aspect of the "program" part of the National Scholars Program is that the Scholars work closely with the NSP staff to develop educational enrichment opportunities for their peers, including educational travel opportunities, and discussions and small seminars that focus on a wide range of topics, including religion and science, leadership and entrepreneurship, and classic political thought.

In addition to the benefits offered directly by the NSP, Scholars also are members of the Calhoun Honors College.

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(Note: The study abroad after the first year at Clemson is part of the NSP scholarship offer. The other activities highlighted in this section showcase the range and diversity of opportunities offered over the past several years, rather than a guarantee of future, specific opportunities. Instead of inserting National Scholars into a strictly defined, limited sequence of learning experiences, the NSP evolves based on student feedback to develop new, expansive learning experiences.)