National Scholars Program

NSP Awards of Distinction

Since the first graduating class of National Scholars in 2004, each cohort honors faculty and staff with the National Scholars Program Award of Distinction. This recognition goes to individuals for their tireless commitment to the intellectual, professional and personal development of each graduating Scholar. More than 60 mentors have been honored, from engineering and science, marketing and economics, political science and psychology, and performing arts and languages.

Below are photos from each event, followed by a the complete list of recipients.

2015 Seniors and Honorees

2015 Mentor Awards

2014 Seniors and Honorees

2013 Mentor Awards

2013 Seniors and Honorees

2013 Mentor Awards

2012 Seniors and Honorees

2011 Seniors and Honorees
2011 SEniors and Honorees

2010 Seniors and Honorees
2010 Mentor Awards

2009 Graduates and Honorees

2009 honorees

2008 Graduates and Honorees

2008 grads with faculty award recipients

2007 Graduates and Honorees

2007 Grads and Faculty

2006 Graduates and Honorees

2006 Grads and Faculty

2005 Graduates and Honorees

2005 Grads and Faculty

2004 Graduates and Honorees

2004 Grads and Faculty

  • Raquel Anido, languages
  • Paul Anderson, history
  • Scott Baier, economics
  • Stephanie Barczewski, history
  • Alma Bennett, English
  • Richard Blob, biological sciences
  • A.B. "Budd" Bodine, animal and veterinary science
  • James Bottum, chief information officer
  • Richard Brooks, computer engineering
  • James Burns, history
  • Neil Burton, cooperative education
  • Patti Connor-Greene, psychology
  • Murray Daw, physics
  • Delphine Dean, bioengineering
  • Angela Dills, economics
  • Roy Dodd, bioengineering
  • Sherry Dorris, FIRST Program
  • Michael Dorsch, marketing
  • Bill Dougan, economics
  • Caye Drapcho, bioengineering
  • Jonathan Beecher Field, English
  • Jeffrey Fine, political science
  • David Freedman, environmental engineering and earth sciences
  • Robert Geist, computer science
  • Lane Glaze, Wesley Foundation
  • Charles Gooding, chemical engineering
  • Rusty Guill, associate dean of students and Blue Key Honor Society advisor
  • Traci Harrington, College of Business and Behavioral Science
  • Harry Harritos, architecture
  • Chris Heavner, Lutheran campus minister and Habitat for Humanity advisor
  • Robert Hogan, architecture
  • Stephen Hubbard, electrical and computer engineering
  • Dana Irvin, Calhoun Honors College
  • Karyn Ogata Jones, communication studies
  • Karen Kemper, public health sciences
  • Toshiko Kishimoto, languages
  • Leidy Klotz, civil engineering
  • Robin Kowalski, psychology
  • Martine LaBerge, bioengineering
  • Miguel Larsen, physics
  • Patricia Layton, forestry and natural resources
  • Michael LeMahieu, English
  • Jeff Love, languages and humanities
  • Steve Marks, history
  • Vladimir Matic, political science
  • Todd May, philosophy
  • Rachel Mayo, public health sciences
  • Meredith McCarroll, English and Writing Center director
  • Bobby McCormick, economics
  • James McCubbin, psychology
  • Tamara McNealy, biological sciences
  • Tamara McNutt-Scott, biological sciences
  • O. Thompson Mefford, materials science and engineering
  • Jim Morris, biochemistry
  • Jiro Nagatomi, bioengineering
  • Liam O'Hara, graphic communications
  • Gary Powell, biochemistry
  • Krista Rudolph, microbiology
  • Robert Schalkoff, computer engineering
  • Eric Seiber, public health sciences
  • Kerrie Seymour, performing arts
  • Windsor Sherrill, public health sciences
  • Cheryl Ingram-Smith, genetics and biochemistry
  • Kelly Smith, philosophy
  • Kerry Smith, genetics and biochemistry
  • Melissa Smith, electrical and computer engineering
  • Elizabeth Stephan, general engineering
  • Zeynep Taydas, political science
  • Lesly Temesvari, biological sciences
  • Mark Thies, chemical engineering
  • Charles Thomas, economics
  • Terry Tritt, physics
  • Jerry Waldvogel, biological sciences
  • Petrea Warneck, performing arts
  • Julie Wilkerson, architecture
  • Lance Young, College of Business and Behavioral Sciences
  • Yanhua Zhang, languages
  • John Ziegert, mechanical engineering
  • David Zumbrunnen, mechanical engineering