National Scholars Program

Mentoring and Advising

Honors College director Bill Lasser meets with a group of Scholars.


NSP director meets with group of second year students

Staff Advising

The NSP staff maintains an open door policy for Scholars to drop in any time for advice, information or simply a chat.

In small groups and in individual meetings, the NSP staff works with Scholars to:

  • develop, clarify and revise academic, professional and personal goals
  • research internships and summer study abroad opportunities
  • seek opportunities for Creative Inquiry and other research at Clemson
  • develop work and graduate school plans
  • draft, revise and edit applications and personal statements for jobs, graduate school, awards, and fellowships
  • make the most of their college experience

NSP Faculty Fellow

Beginning in 2012, a top Clemson professor serves as an NSP Faculty Fellow. The Fellow will teach the freshman seminar for two years, and mentor National Scholars in developing intellectual and professional goals, assist in recruiting and selecting future National Scholars, and coordinate a series of educational enrichment opportunities.

Peer Mentoring

Because the NSP aims to enroll 10 new Scholars in each freshman cohort, the program is never too large. This purposefully small size allows for inter-cohort mentoring between upperclassmen and freshmen. Even NSP alumni connect with new Scholars through a perennial "Success Portfolio" assignment as part of the freshman seminar. Scholars begin building these mentoring connections with older students immediately upon their arrival at Clemson at a New Scholar Retreat. This mentoring continues as older and younger students collaborate to develop new program ideas and to study together in preparation for study travel. Every year, senior Scholars note with amazement, and a little pride, that just a few years earlier they needed help and in their final year at Clemson, they are sought after for their wisdom.