Academic Programs



The genesis of Clemson University’s "SCALE-UP" program lies in our earlier Laptop Pilot Project. Bill Moss (Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences) and Steve Melsheimer (former Associate Dean, College of Engineering and Science) were the leaders in establishing the program beginning in November 1997. The initial group of 96 volunteer students was admitted into this program in fall 1998.

One outcome of the Laptop Pilot Project was the development of active/collaborative learning environments in some sections of freshman English and calculus III. The calculus III classes in particular developed into a "SCALE-UP mode" of teaching, before we began to look specifically at the NC State version.  SCALE-UP developed at NC State as an outgrowth of a SUCCEED project which was called IMPEC (Integrated Math, Physics, Engineering, and Chemistry).

Although technology initiatives were the catalyst for development of SCALE-UP at Clemson, SCALE-UP is an instructional method that is totally independent of technology. It focuses on guided inquiry and interaction among students, groups, teaching assistants, and the instructor in the regular class period.  Some instructors choose to use various technologies to enhance the learning experiences, but these are secondary. Active learning and communication are the key elements.

The following Clemson University classrooms are designed as SCALE-UP environments:

  • Holtzendorff Hall, seating capacity of 72 (summer 2004)
  • Martin Hall, seating capacity of 36 (fall 2004)
  • Dillard, seating capacity of 72 (summer 2006)
  • Martin Hall, five classrooms, seating capacity of 45 each (fall 2006)
  • Edwards Hall, seating capacity of 45 (fall 2007)
  • Holtzendorff Teaching with Technology Experimental Classroom, seating capacity of 90 (fall 2007)

Faculty in the following disciplines are teaching in one of those SCALE-UP classrooms:

  • Business Management (Sirrine)
  • Engineering and Science Education (Holtzendorff)
  • Mathematical Sciences (Holtzendorff and Martin)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Dillard)
  • Civil Engineering (Dillard)
  • Nursing (Edwards and Holtzendorff)
  • Public Health (Edwards)
  • English (Holtzendorff)
  • Horticulture (Holtzendorff)
  • Science and Technology in Society (Holtzendorff)
  • Computer Science (Holtzendorff)