Phi Beta Kappa

Resident Members

Members of a chapter include university faculty and administrators who were inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa chapter of their respective universities of study.

+Charter Member

Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences

Biological Sciences

David G. Heckel +
Amy Ladd Moran +

Entomology, Soils and Plant Sciences

Anthony P. Keinath    +
Samuel G. Turnipseed  +*

Food Science and Human Nutrition

Margaret D. Condrasky +

Genetics and Biochemistry

Albert G. Abbott  +

Architecture, Arts and Humanities

Business and Behavioral Science

Engineering and Science


Steven J. Stuart +

Computer Science

Robert M. Geist, III +
Sandra M. Hedetniemi +

Materials Science and Engineering

Christine W. Cole +

Mechanical Engineering

Sherrill B. Biggers +

Health, Education and Human Development

Leadership, Counselor Education and Organizational Development

Tony W. Cawthon +

National Scholars

James Edward Williams +

Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation

Linda B. Nilson +

Office of Undergraduate Studies

Janice W. Murdoch +

School of the Environment

Alan W. Elzerman +

Strom Thurmond Institute

Holley Ulbrich *+

University Libraries

E. Jens Holley +


Lane Glaze +, United Methodist Campus Minister
Jay E. Harris +, Systems Programmer
Mack L. Howard +, Office of International Affairs
Sallie C. McKenzie, Brooks Center
Tammy H. Rothell +, Records and Registration

Mylene E. Smith +, CCIT
Catherine T. Sams +, Public Affairs
Melissa Welborn +, Office of Institutional
Kathy L. Woodard +, Office of Land Management

deceased as of Feb. 15, 2011