Centennial Professorship Award

The Centennial Professorship is a rotating award bestowed by the Clemson University faculty upon an outstanding colleague. The Professorship is supported by an endowment jointly funded by the Clemson University faculty and their friends and a matching grant from the Commission on Higher Education.

The award will be approximately $12,000 per year which can be used at the recipient's discretion for a salary supplement, travel, supplies, equipment and/or graduate student support. The Centennial Professorship is for a non-renewable two-year term.

In keeping with recent historical rotation of the award, nominations of only those faculty from the particular college will be acceptable for the Centennial Professorship.

All Clemson University faculty who are tenured or have a tenure-track appointment are eligible for this award and will be considered on the basis of demonstrated excellence in one or more of the following areas:

  • undergraduate and/or graduate teaching
  • applied and/or basic research
  • public/extension service
  • librarianship

Nominations are made by Clemson faculty, and faculty may nominate themselves. Nominees will then submit a curriculum vitae and supporting materials to the Faculty Senate President, in the Faculty Senate Office at R.M. Cooper Library.

Previous Recipients:

  • Jim Goree - 1992
  • Fran McGuire - 1994
  • Don Clayton - 1996
  • Ray Sawyer - 1998
  • Darren Dawson - 2000
  • Sid Gauthreaux - 2002
  • Roger Grant - 2004
  • Murray Daw - 2006
  • Dave Guynn - 2008