President's Commission on the Status of Women

A Retrospective 2005-2006

Women's Commission Roster

Dr. Sydney Cross, Chair
Ms. Linda Crew, Deputy Chair
Dr. Judy Melton, ex officio
Dr. Brenda Vander Mey, ex officio
Dr. Rachel Mayo
Ms. Lillian Harder
Dr. Valerie Ramsey
Dr. Karen Kemper
Ms. Robbie Nicholson
Ms. Julia McBride
Ms. Chris Sober
Ms. Susan Pope
Ms. Beth Jarrard
Dr. Catherine Mobley
Dr. Megan Shockley-Taylor

Hosted High Profile Female Speakers

Civil Engagement: Advocacy for Change featuring Dr. Nancy Snow


Outstanding Women Awards 2005/2006 winners:

Faculty: Dr. Julie Eggert, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Staff: Kathy Woodard, Public Service Alliance
Distinguished Contributor: Dr. Thomas Keinath, Dean of the College of Engineering and Science
Undergraduate Student: Courtney DeBruin, Biology

Second Women for Wellness Health Fair

Hosted major community event with seminars and displays on women's health issues and preventative care.

Thea McCrary Student Award for Outstanding Service

Kelly Boyd, Nursing

Benefits Fair

Distributed mission statement and goals and gathered input from the campus community.