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Civil Treatment® for Managers Professional Development

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Civil Treatment® for Managers is a professional development program that provides a comprehensive approach to fair employment practices designed to help managers learn to deal constructively with employee and student issues and relationships on the job. It provides an interactive, skills-based approach to learning that will help to ensure that decision-making is done in a legal, fair, and reflective manner based on the University’s policies and procedures.

The program covers a variety of topics including: Favoritism and Inclusion, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Manager’s Duty to Act, Religion and National Origin, Age, Inappropriate Workplace Communications, ADA Accommodations, Interoffice Relationships, Abusive Behavior, Retaliation, Documentation, Mutual Banter, Sexual Orientation, and Workplace Violence.

Civil Treatment® for Managers will ensure that managers and supervisors are knowledgeable of University policies and procedures related to fair employment and are equipped to act in ways that both demonstrate and establish expectations for employee behaviors consistent with values of civility, dignity, and respect.