Chief Diversity Office

Diversity Programs and Contacts

Access and EquityJerry Knighton, 864-656-3184
Providing services for every individual at Clemson on such topics as workplace diversity, sexual harassment, and accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

Call Me MISTERRoy I. Jones, 864-656-4646
The Call Me MISTER (acronym for Mentors Instructing Students Toward Effective Role Models) National Initiative is to increase the pool of available teachers from a broader more diverse background particularly among the State's lowest performing elementary schools.

Student Disability ServicesArlene C. Stewart, 864-656-6848
Providing equal access for students with identified disabilities at Clemson University.

Emerging ScholarsAmber J. Lange, 864-656-1301
Enhancing South Carolina’s economic prosperity by increasing the number of college graduates that come from economically disadvantaged areas and first generation families.

Gantt Center for Student Life  — Altheia L. Richardson, 864-656-7625
Committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive campus community which values and celebrates the diversity of its members.

Center for Research on Health DisparitiesVeronica G. Parker, 864-656-0984
Providingleadership for the development and advancement of comprehensive, culturally sensitive, community-based participatory research that improves health outcomes and enhances quality of life.

Office of Global EngagementSharon Nagy, 864-656-1455
Coordinating international activities and collaborative efforts on Clemson’s campus and around the world through programming, services, and development.

Pan-African StudiesAbel A. Bartley, 864-656-5372
An innovative interdisciplinary program, which combines the best of the academic world with the best of the social and community world.

Programs for Educational Enrichment and Retention (PEER)Sue Lasser, 864-656-5541
Assisting minority College of Engineering and Science students to achieve all the goals you have set for yourselves as you prepare for a demanding career in an engineering or science related field.

The Charles H. Houston CenterLamont A. Flowers, 864-656-0315
Examining and address issues as well as disseminate information about the Black experience in education in the State of South Carolina and throughout the United States

Office of Academic ExcellenceStarlett Craig, 864-656-0313
Implementing precollege enrichment and academic mentoring programs that support the recruitment and retention of college students.

Women in Engineering and Science (WISE)Serita L. Acker, 864-656-7472
Helping and supporting  females in engineering and science majors. From mentoring and networking to test banks and tutoring, W.I.S.E. offers unlimited resources and information.

Women’s StudiesLinda Tindal, 864-656-1532
Women's Studies is a minor that compliments many majors in which new research has begun to focus on women's issues and perspectives: history, English, sociology, nursing, education, business, the sciences, and the creative arts.

President’s Commission on the Status of Black Faculty and Staff —  Linda Tindal, 864-656-1532
Documenting the status of black faculty & staff and advising the President and Administrative Council with specific recommendations for increasing diversity and enhancing the quality of life among black employees in the University's workforce.

President’s Commission on the Status of WomenLinda Tindal, 864-656-1532
Encouraging and inspiring women to become leaders, problem solvers, and innovators making meaningful contributions to American society.