Chief Diversity Officer

Leon Wiles

Leon Wiles

The chief diversity officer (CDO) is the senior executive responsible for providing a vision and an integrated program of equity and inclusion efforts to enhance Clemson University’s mission and goals. The University strives to be a national leader in developing a diverse campus community that provides a learning and workplace environment that is welcoming and supportive for all students, faculty and staff.   

The CDO advises the president and Administrative Council on diversity issues, leads the planning and implementation of Clemson University’s Diversity Plan, encourages collaboration and cohesion among existing efforts and programs, and leads the development of new initiatives to provide focus and accountability for equity and inclusion efforts across the University. In carrying out these responsibilities, the CDO coordinates and supports the work of the President’s Commission on Women, the President’s Commission on Black Faculty and Staff and other groups, as needed. In addition, the CDO will chair the planning committee for Clemson’s nationally known annual conference on Best Practices in Black Student Achievement.
As part of a larger community, Clemson has a long history of positive relationships with local leaders and citizens. The chief diversity officer maintains this community outreach, responds to public inquiries and provides education about the University’s diversity goals and efforts.  

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