Vice President for Finance and Operations


Brett A. Dalton

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for the leadership and management of the University’s Division of Financial Affairs and is an adviser to the President on financial strategy and resource development. The Chief Financial Officer supports the mission, vision and goals of the University by:

  • Developing long-range financial plans and strategies;
  • Promoting financial and institutional integrity and accountability;
  • Facilitating comprehensive and wise resource planning and utilization to maximize financial resources;
  • Formulating and implementing financial policies and procedures;
  • Encouraging strong collaboration among the University’s financial professionals;
  • Developing an efficient business culture; and
  • Providing professional business analysis and consulting services to campus leaders.

The Chief Financial Officer oversees financial reporting, strategic business services, planning and budgeting, cash and treasury management, capital financing and debt management, and accounting services including revenues and receivables, accounts payable, related organizations, sponsored programs accounting, and procurement.

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