Pre-Collegiate Programs Office


Bryan Mall

The Bryan Mall area, on East Campus, features three high-rise and three low-rise traditional residence halls that can accommodate more than 1,500 guests.


Located on West Campus, the Shoeboxes consist of five residence halls that accommodate two guests per room and have communal baths.  The Shoeboxes can house 700 guests.

Johnstone Main & Annex

Johnstone Main and Annex are on West Campus and adjoin the University Union.  These buildings house two guests per room and offer communal baths.  Johnstone Main and Annex accommodates 360 guests.

Holmes & McCabe Suites

These suites, located on West Campus, house two guests per room connected to another room by a bathroom.  The buildings accommodate 600 guests.

Stadium Suites

Stadium is located on West Campus and houses four guests per two-bedroom suite.  Each suite features a private bathroom.  The building accommodates 300 guests.

Clemson House

Located on East Campus, Clemson House offers a variety of room selections, from single rooms to 4-person apartments with a kitchen.  All rooms feature private bathrooms.  Clemson House lodges more than 400 guests.

Greek Quad

Commonly known as "the Quad", these seven buildings offer single and double rooms with communal baths.  The Quad houses more than 400 guests.