Pre-Collegiate Programs Office

Plan a Youth Program

Clemson University offers an array of resources to both Clemson University Faculty, Staff and students as well as outside organizations and groups. In order to better serve you, please follow the link that applies to the audience you plan to serve OR the audience your organization will serve while utilizing Clemson facilities or resources:

These audiences are children and youth that are under the age of 18. If your program plans to serve or interact with these audiences, please follow the link for youth audiences.

Please keep in mind that the number of individuals being served should not be incorporated into your program's classification. It is possible for a program to serve both youth and adult audiences. If your program serves any youth, regardless of the number of adults served, please follow the link for youth audiences.

Youth Audiences: Pre-Collegiate Programs Office

Any Clemson University program, with the exception of summer school and summer classes, or outside organization that plans to serve individuals 18 years of age or older, please follow the link for adult audiences.

Adult Audiences: Clemson University Housing