Pre-Collegiate Programs Office

Plan a Youth Program

These materials are designed to assist program directors and facilitators through the overall process of planning and approval of a youth summer program at or affiliated with Clemson University. The steps listed below will make the process more efficient, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Program and Curriculum Development - (if your program's programming and curriculum has already been developed, move to "Additional Partnerships to Consider")

Additional Partnerships to Consider

  • The PcPO offers an array of services providing for a turnkey environment of program management and facilitation. The PcPO can handle any program facilitation in need of delegation. Please contact us for more information.

Submit your Application to the PcPO

Summer Program

  • Apply for Housing - if applicable
    • During the fall semester, University Housing will send out the Housing Summer Programs Interest Form for parties interested in applying for housing during the upcoming summer months.
    • After responding to the Housing Summer Programs Interest Form, during the spring semester, Housing will send out Summer Program Housing Agreements. The program director or facilitator should fill out the required information and submit them.
    • You may list your order of building preferences when requesting housing for your program.
    • If you need additional meeting area(s) and storage space please indicate accordingly on your application.
    • Insurance - The purchase of the required accident insurance from Risk Management. The current insurance rate is $0.35/person/day
    • Applying for Dining Services - The coordination of all Dining Services and meals for all programers throughout the length of the program.

Off Campus OR Programs Not Utilizing Housing

  • All non-residential programs AND programs not staying on campus must purchase insurance from the Office of Risk Management (Linda Rice,

Things to consider for program development as you begin


  • Who and what age group will attend your program? I.e. : high achieving students, etc.


  • Cost of the program?
  • Have you developed a budget for your program?
    • What will you pay the counselors?
    • What will you pay instructors?
    • Housing costs?
    • Food/Dining Services costs?
    • Program supplies?
    • Etc.
  • Will you offer an early registration discount?
  • What will be the policy on refunds?


  • Where should the promotional focus area(s) of the program be? Upstate, statewide, regionally, nationally, etc.?
  • How will you market?
    • What kind of materials will you use?
    • Media?
    • Etc.


  • How will attendees apply? Web-based system? Phone?
  • What location(s) do you want to use within the University?
  • Will you provide transportation to and from the program?
  • Will there be scholarships or income-based discounts?
  • Who will provide help desk for the program(s)? It is imperative that parents and applicants have the ability to speak with well-informed designated customer service representatives.
  • Will there be snacks made available? Water?
  • Will you take off campus trips?


  • How will your program comply with the Clemson University Operating Standards contained within the Youth Programs Guide?
  • How will you develop policies and procedures to meet the Clemson University Operating Standards?
  • Have you purchased accident insurance from the Office of Risk Management?
  • How will you develop a well prepared staff training on policies and procedures?
  • Determine how you will handle background checks on all employees? Will they be more extensive then what the Clemson University Operating Standards require?


  • How many different types of programs/sessions?
  • How long should the program be? I.e. : Day program OR week long, residential program, etc.
  • Have you created a schedule for your program? Will you distribute this participants/parents?
  • What is the theme of your program? What do you want participants to come away with?
  • How will you conduct orientation? Will you have large group games and/or activities to ‘break the ice’?
  • Staffing:
    • What type of experience do the counselors need?
    • What type of training do you want to have for counselors/employees?
    • Will you have guest speakers?
    • What kind of specialists do you need?
    • Do you want to partner with other organizations?
  • What materials do participants need to bring?
  • What materials do you need to exclude (i.e. – cells phones, IPods, computers, etc.)?
  • What type of special equipment is needed?
  • What type of alternative activities will you have scheduled in the case of inclement weather? Or, how will you deal with inclement weather?
  • Have you considered introducing your participants/parents to university admissions officers and/or advisors?
  • Will you update parents on participant progress/experience via the Internet: Facebook, Twitter, etc.?
  • What kind of acknowledgment or awards ceremony will you have at the end of program?
  • Are you going to do extensive/intensive evaluations?