Pre-Collegiate Programs Office


Clemson University Pre-Collegiate Programs (or Youth Programs) Policy and Procedure: Click Here to Download

Clemson University policy and procedure for all pre-collegiate (or youth) programs.

Pre-Collegiate Programs Office Definitions of Custodial Care and Supervision of Children: Click Here to Download

A memorandum with PcPO developed definitions of custodial care and supervision of children.

PcPO Online Yearly Approval Process ("YAP"): Click Here

Internal only, requires login and yearly approval for all Clemson University Pre-Collegiate (or Youth) Programs.

Clemson University Youth Programs Guide and Operating Standards: Request an Electronic Copy

This document contains ALL of the Clemson University Operating Standards for Youth Programs, Housing, Dining Services, Parking Services and Risk Management guidelines for youth programs.

Resources for Adult Programs

Clemson University Housing Summer Programs offers services for on campus camps and conferences. Please click here for more information.

Recreational and Other Facilities

Clemson University offers an array of facilities for youth and adult camps and conferences. Click here for additional information.