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Plan a Youth Program

Clemson University offers an array of resources to both Clemson University faculty, staff and students as well as outside organizations and groups. In order to better serve you, please follow the link that applies to the audience you plan to serve OR the audience your organization will serve while utilizing Clemson facilities or resources:

These audiences are children and youth that are under the age of 18. If your program plans to serve or interact with these audiences, please follow the link for youth audiences.

Please keep in mind that the number of individuals being served should not be incorporated into your program's classification. It is possible for a program to serve both youth and adult audiences. If your program serves any youth, regardless of the number of adults served, please follow the link for youth audiences.

  • Youth Audiences: Pre-Collegiate Programs Office

    These materials are designed to assist program directors and facilitators through the overall process of planning and approval of a youth summer program at or affiliated with Clemson University. The steps listed below will make the process more efficient, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

    Submit your Application to the PcPO

    • After reviewing the Clemson University Youth Programs Operating Standards and ensuring that your program complies with the operating standards, you will be asked to fill out the PcPO Youth Programs Application and submit it to the PcPO (the application is now online. You can find information on how to obtain a username and password in the Clemson University Youth Programs Operating Standards).

    Summer Program

    • Apply for Housing - if applicable
      • During the fall semester, University Housing will send out the Housing Summer Programs Interest Form for parties interested in applying for housing during the upcoming summer months.
      • After responding to the Housing Summer Programs Interest Form, during the spring semester, Housing will send out Summer Program Housing Agreements. The program director or facilitator should fill out the required information and submit them.
      • You may list your order of building preferences when requesting housing for your program.
      • If you need additional meeting area(s) and storage space please indicate accordingly on your application.
      • Insurance - The purchase of the required accident insurance from Risk Management. The current insurance rate is $0.45/person/day
      • Applying for Dining Services - The coordination of all Dining Services and meals for all programmers throughout the length of the program.

    Campus OR Programs Not Utilizing Housing

    • All non-residential programs AND programs not staying on campus must purchase insurance from the Office of Risk Management (Denise Godwin,