Risk Management

Automobile Accident Procedures

If an employee is involved in an automobile accident while operating a Clemson University vehicle, these procedures should be followed:

  1. Check all parties to determine if there are any injuries.
  2. Administer first aid, if necessary.
  3. Call ambulance, if needed.
  4. Call police.
  5. Cooperate with police and ambulance personnel.
  6. Do not admit liability but provide facts to police personnel.
  7. Have vehicle towed if not drivable, and obtain name and phone number of wrecker service.
  8. Complete a CU Motor Vehicle Accident Report (CUBO 505).  This form should be in the glove compartment of the University vehicle.
  9. Obtain full names and addresses of other drivers and all passengers.
  10. Obtain copy of police report from investigating officer.
  11. Forward a copy of the Motor Vehicle Accident Form to the Office of Risk Management immediately.
  12. Obtain full names and addresses of all witnesses, even if not favorable to you.
  13. If driver or other University employee is injured, the driver must contact Office of Risk Management at 864-656-3354 immediately.
  14. Cooperate with claims adjuster in negotiating settlement of all claims against the University.
  15. Do not discuss the claim with others.

NOTE: The driver of a University vehicle involved in an accident in South Carolina resulting in bodily injury or in which property damage exceeds $1,000 is personally responsible for forwarding the FR-10, which will be provided to you by the investigating police officer, to the Office of Risk Management within two working days. When the form is received in the Office of Risk Management, it will be forwarded to the Insurance Reserve Fund for processing and forwarding to the South Carolina Highway Department. The form must be received by the state within 15 days of the accident date. Failure to comply with this state regulation may result in suspension or revocation of the individual's drivers license.