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Frequently Asked Questions

INJURY: I have been injured on the job. What is the first thing I need to do?

The first thing to do is to notify your supervisor or department head immediately. Any injury, no matter how slight, must be reported. If you or your supervisor judges that medical attention is needed, the supervisor must call ComPendium Services at 1-877-709-2667 to report the injury and assist in completing the First Report of Injury. You will be referred to Redfern Health Center. In the event of life or limb-threatening emergencies, treatment should be sought at the nearest emergency facility. More on the procedures for reporting Workers' Compensation can be found here.
If the employee does not wish to seek medical treatment at the time of the injury, the employee's supervisor should complete the First Report of Injury and forward to the Office of Risk Management. In the event the employee must seek medical attention for the injury at a later date, the supervisor must advise the Office of Risk Management, who will then contact Compendium to report the work injury. This will avoid a late penalty charge to the department by the South Carolina Worker's Compensation Commission.

VEHICLE ACCIDENT: If I operate a motor vehicle for official University business and get in an accident, are my injuries covered by Clemson?

Clemson University employees operating a Clemson University-owned motor vehicle while on official University business are covered as follows under university policies:

Auto Liability - Combined single limit, bodily injury and property damage - $600,000 per occurrence

Workers Compensation - as required by S.C. State statute

Employees operating their personal automobile on official Clemson University business are covered under worker's compensation insurance for injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

The employee should immediately notify his/her perosnal auto insurance company that an accident has occured. The employee's personal automobile insurance will be responsible for any property damage or bodily injury they cause to other parties. The university’s automobile insurance will be considered excess coverage over the employee's coverage.

PERSONAL VEHICLE: Am I covered if I use my personal vehicle to travel on university business?

The insurance on the personal vehicle is always primary and applies for injuries and property damage when an accident occurs, whether or not the owner is using the vehicle for business or personal purposes.  If a driver has an accident in his own vehicle while driving for the university, he should immediately notify his/her personal auto insurance company and should also notify the Office of Risk Management immediately because the university’s insurance will be excess and will apply if the employee's insurance is exhausted.

TRAVEL ABROAD: If I am traveling to another country for my job, does workers’ compensation cover me?

Yes, but your coverage is very limited.  It is highly recommended to purchase the Faculty/staff insurance available through the office of risk management. Click here for more information

SAFE TIGER MUG: How can I win a Safe Tiger coffee mug?

The office of risk management solicit employees’ assistance in reporting any unsafe act or hazard on campus.  When an employee submits a safety hazard to, his name is entered into a drawing for a mug.  The drawings are held on payday.

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