Alcohol & Tobacco

8.0 Use of Alcohol.

8.1. Publicly Available Facilities: The use of alcohol at publicly available facilities is allowed on a case-by-case basis. Use of alcohol is prohibited at certain publicly available facilities. Individuals or groups who wish to consume alcohol at any event at a publicly available facility must complete and submit a Registration for Events with Alcohol form, Appendix D, and submit at least 14 days in advance of the requested use. All registrations must be approved by the Authorized Designee, the University Police Department and the Vice President for the area where the event will be held. There may be an additional fee for use of a publicly available facility where alcohol will be consumed. The University Police Department shall determine the appropriate level of security and any additional costs to the University associated with providing security at the event will be the responsibility of the person or group requesting the facility.

8.2. Instructional Facilities: The use of alcohol by faculty, staff, and their guests at instructional facilities of the University is permitted subject to State laws and existing guidelines for use of these facilities provided (1) the University approved food and beverage vendor is used, and (2) prior written approval is obtained as shown on Appendix D, Registration for Events with Alcohol. Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action.

9.0 Smoking and Use of Tobacco: No smoking or other use of tobacco products will be permitted in the indoor areas of any University building, facility or vehicle at any time. Smoking is not permitted within fifteen (15) feet of any entrance to a University building or covered walkway unless you are smoking in a designated smoking area approved by the Vice President in charge of the facility. Smoking and use of tobacco products is allowed in the following University areas: (1) private residences; and (2) private living areas of student residence halls where authorized by the Authorized Designee.