Student Affairs

Campus Climate Survey

In spring 2012, Clemson University administered a Campus Climate Survey to all students, including both undergraduate and graduate students. The survey aimed to ascertain the perception of Clemson University students with regard to issues of diversity, inclusion, appreciation of differences, etc., at our institution. The total number of responses was 4,569, representing approximately 24 percent of the student population.

We invite you to review the results. For your convenience, we have included both the raw results as well as a presentation to explain the results in a greater context. The results also include comparison to a similar survey administered in 2010. 

The links below are to the presentation. It is separated into three parts. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our entire campus community should be involved in improving the overall climate for diversity and inclusion on our campus. So we need your help. The final section of the presentation includes questions we would like each individual / organization / department to engage in with regard to ways you can work within your area to affect positive change related to campus climate. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on the survey, as well as action plans developed by your organization/department. After you have viewed the presentations and results, please visit this form to submit your answers and feedback:



We have compiled additional resources to help clarify and explain our approach with the results. Please view the attachments below, including

After making a presentation regarding the results to the Administrative Council in the spring, Leon Wiles (Chief Diversity Officer) was charged with developing a Campus Climate Task Force with representation from across the University. This Task Force has been commissioned and has begun meeting to develop strategies to address issues of climate on our campus. For more information on the Campus Climate Task Force, email Leon Wiles at