Student Affairs

Letter to Students, Spring 2012

Greeting Students,

You have made it! The academic year is about to conclude. For some of you that means you will be GRADUATING. For others, you have finished your first year of college. And for others it means another successful year. Whatever your milestone, CONGRATULATIONS!

This year has proven to be one of the best! Not only can we brag about ACC titles and national scholarships, but Clemson students have also outdone themselves in the area of service. Did you know that since Aug. 1, 2012, 2,050 students have raised $346,347 and recorded 57,036 hours of service in ClemsonCounts? We have a lot to be proud of, thanks to all of you. As you pack up to go home, move down the street or to explore new places, I know you will continue to represent Clemson well.

Now I have a special request. One of my favorite things is to hear from you.. I know how busy you are; however, if you could take a few minutes to reflect and share with me you favorite memory of this year I would love to hear your story. You can either reply to this email or post your memory on Facebook at I love sharing student stories with our boards, alumni, parents and prospective students — and they love hearing about your experiences.

In closing, let me say thank you for making Clemson such an amazing University and place to work. Now, go have some fun, be safe and wear orange with pride!

Go Tigers,
Gail A. DiSabatino
Vice President for Student Affairs
Clemson University