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Week 1 Activities

Text Readings

Designing Web-Based Training
Chapter 1
  • Text Readings
Dreamweaver MX 2004
Chapter 1

Discussion Board

Visit the Discussion Board link on Blackboard anytime after Friday (January 14) morning 8 a.m. and read this week's questions regarding the discussion article carefully.

Read over the article (linked from discussion board) and then respond to the question(s), based on this week's reading (do not read anyone else's posting until you make your first response).Anytime after your first posting (before midnight Tuesday, January 18), respond to at least 2 classmate's postings before midnight Thursday, January 20.


Once you visit this week's readings (specifically, Designing Web-Based Training, Chapter 1), go to the Quizzes link under Blackboard and take Quiz 1 at your convenience. You may take the Quiz as many times as you wish (beginning 8 a.m. on Monday, January 10) until 11:55 p.m., Friday, January 21. However, the most recent score is the one saved in the Blackboard system which is transferred to the gradebook. In future weeks, the Quiz will last during 1 week only.