Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What can I get from this experience?
  2. Agriculture in winter? For real?
  3. Can I use US dollars or any other money in Russia?
  4. How should I get around in Moscow?
  5. Is it dangerous to visit Russia?
  6. What is the weather in Russia?
  7. What type of products can I buy in Russia?
  8. Where I can find markets?

What can I get from this experience?

Cultural awareness for one thing. Russia is a wonderful place and has many interesting things to see and experience. Also, you will meet new and exciting people. You will find that Russians are extremly warm and hospitable.

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Agriculture in winter? Are you for real?

Totally for real. Russia has an enomous agricultural industry. They boast some of the largest greenhouses in the world. It really doesn't matter too much that it's winter, agriculture keeps on going.

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What type of money can be used in Russia?

Plan on only using Rubles. Some of the tourist shops might take US dollars, but for everyday use you need Rubles. This tends not to be a problem as there are many currency exchange stands, and you can take out rubles from your bank account via ATM. Most ATM's will only disperse 1000 ruble notes and these can be a problem sometimes to break.

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What is the easiest way to get around in Moscow?

By far the easiest method of transportation is using the metro or subway. You can get pretty much anywhere quickly and cheaply. Learn the metro system and you will never be lost in Moscow, if you walk far enough eventually you will come to a metro station. Not to mention Moscow has some of the most beautiful metro's in the world. Do yourself a favor and check these stations out. There is also an extensive bus and train system that allow easy progress throughout the Moscow region
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Is it dangerous to visit Russia?

Everywhere has dangers. As long as you're not being stupid, you will probably not encounter any problems. Don't act like a fool (ie..flashing alot of money around in shady areas).
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Can I speak English in Russia?

If you want. There are quite a few people that speak English, and most high-class places can accomodate. Most older people don't speak English though, so be attentive.
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What is the weather like in Russia?

Well its cold in the winter and can get quite hot in the summer. Think like the Northern Midwest states, they have similar climate. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't snow all the time in Russia. In the winter, layers will be your best friend!
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What type of products will I find in Russia?

Everything you can get in America, mostly. The bigger supermarkets tend to have everything you might need. There does seem to be lacks of peanut butter and marshmellows, however.
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Where I can find markets?

Everywhere. Look for "Universam," "Producti," or "Magazine".
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