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Undergraduate instruction in the urban forestry area began with a course in arboriculture in 1987. Demand from that single course became great enough that the faculty developed and the University approved, in January 1998, a minor in urban forestry. The minor requires a minimum of 16 credit hours in Learning plant problem diagnosisselected courses from the Departments of Forest Resources, Horticulture, City and Regional Planning, Entomology, and Plant Pathology.  Drs. Don Ham, Ansel Miller, and Vic Shelburne (Forest Resources) and Dr. Judy Caldwell (Horticulture) are the primary faculty involved with the urban forestry program.  Amy Sanders, the Student Services Coordinator for Forest Resources is available to help students interested in enrolling in the minor.

The University also has a cooperative agreement with Myerscough College in England. The Department has been actively placing Myerscough arboricultural students in one-year internships throughout the United States for the past six years. Several Clemson students have had internships in England as well. Additionally, Clemson students can, through the exchange agreement, enroll in classes at Myerscough for one or two semesters.  This summer, Clemson will offer a study abroad course based at Myerscough entitled The History, Culture & Implementation of UK Planning Law, Tree Protection & Arboricultural Practice.

The arboricultural industry is strongly supporting Clemson's teaching program in urban forestry. The Bartlett Tree Foundation, Inc. provides an annual scholarship to an undergraduate student in the Department of Forest Resources who has an interest in entering the arboricultural or urban forestry fields. The Bartlett Tree Expert Company and the Bartlett Tree Research Labs have actively supported the program with lecturers, training, internships, and field trips to their facilities near Charlotte, NC. Additionally, Husqvarna Forest and Garden Company has sponsored ArborMaster training for the program.

Students from all disciplines, whether enrolled in the urban forestry minor or not, are invited to join Clemson's Chapter of the Student Society of Arboriculture.