Academic Success Center

CU 1010

Two photos of Mr. McLeod's CU 1010 class.  One with Mr. McLeod and the other with 2 female students and 2 male studentsWhat is CU 1010?

  • A 2 credit (3 contact hour) course developed for freshmen and students on academic probation. (download syllabus).
  • Fall sections are restricted to enrollment for ESP (Early Success Program) students, as well as those who are on academic probation.
  • Sections offered in the Spring will be restricted to those who are on academic probation. 

Why does Clemson University offer CU 1010?

  • CLEMSON HISTORY:  To introduce students to Clemson University — to recognize and appreciate Clemson’s uniqueness.
  • DECISION MAKING:  To develop an understanding of the complex issues and choices confronting students in college as they make a successful transition from high school to university learning.
  • GOAL SETTING:  To help students clarify why they are in college and set realistic goals for their experience here.
  • CAMPUS RESOURCES/LIBRARY: To recognize and use the resources available to students throughout their college career to support their goals.
  • ACADEMIC SUCCESS SKILLS: To develop essential skills and expertise that will lead to their success academically and in other areas of their life, including decision-making, communication, and time management.
  • DIVERSITY: To encourage individual growth by increasing awareness of human diversity, cultures, values and beliefs.
  • CAREER DEVELOPMENT: To identify interests, skills, abilities and work values; prepare a resume. 
  • CRITICAL THINKING:  to enhance reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving skills through application 
  • COMMUNICATION:  to enhance listening, speaking and writing skills; to provide guidelines for effective communication in all facets of life of a college student.

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