ASC Services

ASC Provides you with Personalized Academic Assistance

FREE comprehensive academic success programs for all undergraduate students are offered at the ASC including, tutoring, cross-college academic advising and coaching, academic counseling, and academic strategy workshops. In short, there’s something for every student at the ASC.

  • Course-Specific Services — Tutoring and PAL

    Free drop-in tutoring is offered for more than 100 undergraduate courses. Tutoring sessions are facilitated by trained peer-tutors. Get help with your challenging classes (if available). Private tutors may also be available.

    Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL)
    Free peer-assisted learning (PAL) sessions are offered twice a week for historically difficult undergraduate courses. PAL sessions are 80-minute small group learning sessions that are linked to a specific section of a course. More than 350 hours of PAL sessions are offered each week. Find out how to participate in a PAL session.

    Request for Course Assistance
    If you’re experiencing difficulty with a course that is not supported by peer-assisted learning (PAL) sessions or drop-in tutoring, complete a course assistance request form. An ASC staff member will contact you to learn more about your needs.

    Problem-Solving Pencasts
    ASC tutors create and post online videos for selected course concepts that students frequently ask about in tutoring sessions. Get help with a challenging concept.

    Clemson MATHLab
    The Academic Success Center is pleased to offer MATHLab as a designated space for students in certain Math courses to study together and collaborate on the mastery of course content. MATHLab provides an ASC trained Peer Leader to facilitate and encourage active learning while allowing students to work at their own pace with the help of resources and other students ready to learn. Students are encouraged to utilize this area to work through homework and practice problems and further develop skills needed for math success.

    If you are enrolled in MATH 1020/2070 or 1040/1050/1060/1070/1080 come check out Clemson MATHLab Mondays through Thursdays from 12:30 to 4:00 p.m. in ASC 302.

  • Cross-College Academic Advising

    Advising for Exploratory (Undeclared) Students
    If you are an exploratory student who has not yet declared a major, you have been assigned to an ASC cross-college advisor who specifically works with exploratory students. In order to be cleared to register for courses for the upcoming term, you will first need to meet with your assigned advisor. Schedule a meeting.

    Advising for Former Students Readmitted to the University
    If you are a former student who wishes to re-enroll at Clemson, you must first apply for readmission to the University and be readmitted. Application for Re-admission link If you are former student who has already been readmitted to the University and wish to enroll in Clemson courses for the upcoming term, you have been assigned to an ASC cross-college advisor who specifically works with former students returning to the University. In order to be cleared to register for courses for the upcoming term, you will first need to meet with your assigned advisor. Schedule a meeting.

  • Success Skills and Strategies — Coaching, Consulting, Workshops

    Academic Coaching
    We offer free academic coaching by appointment. Coaching is for students who need consistent, targeted academic support. Appointments usually last 30 minutes to 1 hour and focus on topics including, but not limited to, learning and study strategies and time management, organizational, goal setting and self-management skills. Complete the Academic Coach form to schedule an appointment. After completing the form, you will then be prompted to schedule an appointment on our online scheduler.

    Learning Strategies Consulting
    We offer free learning strategies consultations by appointment for students who want individualized feedback on their current study behaviors and strategies for improving their academic success. Sessions last 1 hour, consist of 1-2 visits, and include topics such as study methods, test preparation, reducing test anxiety, and techniques to remember course information. The Study Behavior Inventory, a 10-minute, computerized survey, is used to give feedback on students’ current study methods. To take the SBI and schedule a consultation, stop by the ASC reception desk on the second floor, or you can email the learning strategies consultant.

    Success Strategy Workshops
    We offer free in-person workshops on a variety of success-related topics. The workshops are designed to sharpen your knowledge of success strategies that you can implement. Find a session that works for you.

    iLearn Videos
    Our website hosts a series of free online academic and personal success videos. They are available 24/7 on our website. Start watching the iLearn videos. Learn more about iLearn.

  • Apps for Success

    We want to help you whenever we can. But when we’re not available, these apps can help you schedule your day, study without distraction, and take effective notes. See our list of Apps for Success.

  • Working at the ASC

    We employ more than 200 students at the ASC. We rely on talented and dedicated students to help us deliver the services students need to succeed. Find out how to join us.

  • Resources