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Fall 2016 Tutoring Schedule

 The ASC offers FREE drop-in tutoring in a group setting in over 100 courses at Clemson University.

Click on the above link for the Tutoring drop-in schedule. Certain language and engineering courses have appointment-based tutoring. More information on those can be found on our Tutoring Appointments page. ASC Tutoring does not provide private tutoring or keep a list of private tutors.

Have you checked out the Tutor Pencasts?  They took the most requested problems and solved them online for you to watch when it's convenient for you.

Need help with a course for which we don't provide tutoring? 
Check out our Course Assistance Request page.

Most tutoring is in the Class of '56 Academic Success Center Building on the 1st floor in the open, tabled study space and the tutoring rooms.  The tutors will be wearing nametags and the table signs will identify the specific courses.

Regular Semester Hours:

  • Monday-Thursday, 10 am - 8 pm
  • Friday, 10 am - 2 pm
  • Sunday, 3 - 8 pm

Tutoring Session on the 5th floor of Cooper Library
Tutoring Session 

How should I use Tutoring?

  • Use tutoring to discuss course materials, ask questions, and practice problems.
  • Go to class! Tutoring is not a substitute for lecture, recitation, or office hours.
  • Tutoring is not a chance to have another student explain the content. Your tutor will not reteach material but will work through concepts, ideas, or problems with you so that you can leave with a great understanding.
  • Do not procrastinate! Sessions the week of the test are less helpful and more crowded.

When should I use Tutoring?

  • Use tutoring "early and often."
  • Don't wait until you're in trouble!
  • Work to stay at the top of the class, to review for a major assignment, and to improve understanding of course materials.
  • Prepare an hour's worth of questions for a session.

What should I bring to Tutoring?

  • Class notes, lecture notes, and textbook.
  • Practice problems or tests distributed by instructor.
  • Anything you want to discuss is fair game - except graded work that has not yet been submitted.
  • A list of questions in order to maximize your tutoring time.

What should I expect from Tutoring?

  • Tutoring isn't a "get-out-jail-free" card.
  • Tutoring supplements the work required by your class.
  • You and your tutor will work through problems and concepts.
  • The tutor will ask questions, rather than give solutions.
  • You should leave a successful session with a better understanding of both course concepts AND what you'll have to do to get ready for your next assignment.


Our tutor training program is nationally certified by the College Reading and Learning Association.

Direct any questions regarding Tutorial Services to:
Justine Chasmar
Academic Success Center
836 McMillan Rd.
(864) 656-6216

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