Academic Success Center

Become a Tutor

We are now accepting applications through Monday, April 6, our priority deadline. Interviews will be conducted through finals week, and applicants will be notified if they are offered a position.

To become a tutor, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have earned an "A" in the course you wish to tutor.

  • You must have a 3.30 GPR or higher.

  • You must have the recommendation of a faculty member.

  • You must be able to work at least six hours per week.

  • You must be able to take a one-hour (for credit) course that will serve as training to be a tutor. This course will be taken in conjunction with the first semester you are a tutor. The course lasts for the first seven weeks of class and only needs to be taken once.

If you do not meet these requirements at the time your application is reviewed, you will not be contacted for an interview. Please complete the Tutor Application and have a professor complete the Tutor Recommendation Form and turn them into the ASC office.

Tutor Application (doc)
Tutor Recommendation Form (doc)
Tutor Contract (doc)