Academic Success Center

Become a Tutor

Being a tutor is a great way to be engaged on campus and offer valuable support to many students.

Great reasons to become a ASC Tutor:

  • Gain a transferable skillset that would be valued by any employer.
  • Expand and maintain your grasp of the course material.
  • Play a significant role in student success at Clemson University.
  • Earn money and have fun while doing it.

Peer-leaders through the ASC must:

  • Have earned an "A" in the course(s)* they wish to support.
  • Hold a minimum 3.30 cumulative GPA or higher.
  • Be available for at least four hours of tutoring per week and all mandatory meetings and trainings.
  • Have a recommendation (see the form below) from a faculty member.
  • Enroll in a one-hour credit course the first semester tutoring or have earned a Pass/P in an equivalent course (CU 1110, ED 110, ED 111).
  • Attend a New Leader orientation on Monday, January 9 and Tuesday, January 10, the two days before classes begin in the Spring.

*Language tutors must have completed 1010 through 2020 at Clemson. AP scores are generally not accepted.

Please complete the Tutor Application and have a professor complete the Tutor Recommendation Form and turn them into ASC Suite 311 or email directly to