Academic Success Center

Tutorial Services

Tutor Request Policy

Students desiring tutoring for a course not listed in the tutoring or SI schedules for the fall or spring semesters may make a request to the Academic Success Center. (Please note we are unable to accommodate special requests during summer school.)

  • When at least three students in a particular course request a tutor, the Academic Success Center will make every effort to find an academic support option for the requested course. If a tutor is hired, students commit to attend tutoring at least once a week. Students enrolled in the course will be notified of the support option. 
  • If the request is for an upper-division course (300 or 400 level) for which tutors cannot be found, the Academic Success Center will provide support and assistance to the requesting students for establishing an independent study group.

How to Request a Tutor

Please come to the Academic Success Center in the Class of '56 Academic Success Center Building, and sign the request log. We do not accept requests via email.