Office for Institutional Assessment

Key Performance Indicators

Office for Institutional Assessment (2013-2014)

Goal: Enhance institutional quality in support of the Clemson 2020 Road Map and SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation.

Objective 1: Expand assessment/improvement capacity and capabilities through training to assessment stakeholders.

Measure: Assessment training volume
Target: Increase the number of trainings by 10% as needed.
Finding: The average number of trainings has increased dramatically from during the past three-year period.  Training is offered year-round and at the scheduling convenience of requestor.

Measure: Assessment training venues
Target: Increase the variety of trainings to accommodate customer requests (within departments and off-campus locations).
Finding: In-person and group training is now offered on the main campus, as well as at off-site locations as requested.

Measure: Assessment training quality
Target: Increase the quality of trainings to respond to customer feedback and evolving accountability demands. At least 80% of respondents will report that they agree or strongly that training was a positive experience.
Finding: Training attendees are surveyed on their assessment / WEAVE training experience.

Objective 2: Enhance assessment quality through assessment record review and feedback to assessment contacts.

Measure: Assessment feedback to contacts
Target: 100% of assessment contacts will receive oral and/or written feedback on their assessment records (WEAVE).
Finding: 100% of assessment contacts were offered feedback on their assessment activities and WEAVE records this past cycle, either through group / program meetings and/or through e-mail.  Feedback reflects quality themes outlined in the Institutional Assessment Rubric.
Finding: SACSCOC offered favorable feedback to the University's institutional assessment activities, and awarded compliance to SACSCOC Standard 3.3.1 (Institutional Effectiveness).

Objective 3: Provide effective management and leadership support for accreditation and other accountability and improvement activities.

Measure: SACSCOC re-accreditation in Core Requirement 2.5 and Standard 3.3.1 (Institutional Effectiveness).
Target: Compliance in Core Requirement 2.5 and Standard 3.3.1 (Institutional Effectiveness) during the University's 2013 reaccreditation.
Finding: Clemson was awarded full compliance (no recommendations) in December, 2013.

Other assessment performance metrics