Office for Institutional Assessment

Annual Assessment Records

Clemson University requires that each academic program and administrative unit develops an Assessment Record to document continuous improvement in student learning and program quality. An Assessment Record (aka WEAVE record) is comprised of an Assessment Plan and an Assessment Report.  It is documentation of procedures and practices that incorporates relevant data and/or qualitative analysis to regularly assess programs and student learning outcomes, and to evaluate the extent that they are being met.  The findings from analyses are used to effect continuous improvement of the program or its processes through a documented plan.

The Assessment Plan and Assessment Report will:

  • provide evidence of program quality and improvement based on principled and thoughtful analysis;
  • document full consideration of who or what is examined; and
  • ensure that findings and results are compared to and analyzed against earlier findings for consistency.

An annual assessment plan and annual report shall be submitted to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment through WEAVEonline®.  The department shall maintain all supporting documentation and data for the most recent ten-year period.