Office for Institutional Assessment

Centers and Institutes

studentClemson University has a systematic approach to annual assessment of all academic and non-academic programs, services, and departments including centers and institutes.  Annual assessment / WEAVE records are required for all Centers and Institutes, which are also used during the Fifth-Year Review.  The assessment record for each program / unit is divided into two segments:  a planning document which is due in December/January, and a report which includes Findings, Analysis Questions, Action Plans, and the Annual Report is due the following mid-October.   (NOTE: Due-dates vary slightly year-to-year to allow for additional editing.)

Elements of a completed annual assessment record (aka WEAVE record) includes Mission, Goals, Outcomes/Objectives, Measures, Targets, Findings, Action Plans, Analysis Questions, and an Annual Plan.  In addition to annual assessment, all Centers and Institutes undergo a comprehensive Fifth-Year Review.

Guidelines for the Assessment of Centers and Institutes (rev. 4/2014)