Office for Institutional Effectiveness

Office for Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment (OIEA)

Dr. Debra B. Jackson
Vice Provost and Assistant to the President
302 Sikes Hall
phone: 864-656-4592

Dr. Penelope Brunner
Chief of Staff for Institutional Effectiveness
E-203 Martin Hall
phone: 864-656-2257

Teresa Henry
Administrative Coordinator
302 Sikes Hall
phone: 864-656-4592

Office for Institutional Assessment
John A. Cooper
Research and Planning Administrator
and Ph.D. Candidate (U. of Georgia)
E-203 Martin Hall
phone: 864-656-1078 | fax: 864-656-6839

Kayla Steele
Research and Planning Associate
E-203 Martin Hall
phone: 864-656-6840 | fax: 864-656-6839

Beth R. Benzing
Program Coordinator
E-203 Martin Hall
phone: 864-656-1410 | fax: 864-656-6839

Office of ClemsonThinks2
Dr. David K. Knox
Director of Clemson Thinks2
E-203 Martin Hall
phone: 864-656-0868 | fax: 864-656-6839 |

Office of Institutional Research (OIR)
Dr. Wickes Westcott
Director of Institutional Research
302 Sikes Hall
phone: 864-656-0585

Dr. Ronnie Chrestman
302 Sikes Hall
phone: 864-656-7689

Nancy James
Statistical Research Analyst
302 Sikes Hall
phone: 864-656-0584

Joseph McLaughlin
Research Associate
and Doctoral Candidate (Virginia Tech)
302 Sikes Hall
phone: 864-656-0161

Jessica Pierce
302 Sikes Hall
phone: 864-656-0583

Melissa Welborn
302 Sikes Hall
phone: 864-656-1589