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HERI Faculty Survey: Frequently Asked Questions

In Spring 2017, Clemson University will be working with UCLA's Higher Education Research Institute to conduct a survey of faculty.

Have questions about the survey? Consult the Frequently Asked Questions below.

  • Who is sponsoring this survey?
    The Office of the Provost is collaborating with the Office for Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment and the Office for Inclusion and Equity to provide this survey to Clemson faculty. The survey is designed and administered by UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute.
  • Are my responses anonymous? Will Clemson know how I responded?
    Responses are collected by HERI and are anonymous. HERI will not ask survey respondents for their name or other purposefully identifying information. Respondents do have the opportunity to provide their email address for potential follow-up surveys, but only if they explicitly answer “yes” when prompted, and their email address will remain confidential. The data file Clemson receives from HERI does not include email addresses or other identifiers such as name or birth date. Reporting (e.g., breakouts based on demographic category) from HERI with fewer than five respondents will be suppressed in order to protect confidentiality. However, please keep in mind faculty members are responsible for the comments they provide in response to open-ended survey questions and should avoid including self-identifying information in those comments whenever possible. Likewise, as with many surveys, a series of responses to various demographic questions could allow the recipient(s) of the institutional data file to logically deduce a respondent’s identity. Any individuals receiving the data file within Clemson’s Office for Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment have completed HERI’s Research Approval Form, asserting in part: By receiving this data file, we agree that these data will be used only for statistical analyses and reporting of aggregated information, and not for the investigation of specific individuals. In affirming this agreement, we give assurance that use of these data will conform to widely accepted standards of practice and legal restrictions that are intended to protect the confidentiality of research subjects. We also give assurance that no survey respondent will be sanctioned based on any answer provided in the 2016-2017 HERI Faculty Survey. For more information on faculty confidentiality and privacy involving the HERI faculty survey, click here.
  • Who receives the data file of information? Where will it be maintained?
    The Office for Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment will act as data steward, maintaining and protecting any data received from HERI as part of this survey. Any individuals receiving the data file within OIEA have completed HERI’s Research Approval Form, asserting their agreement that the data will be used only for statistical analyses and reporting of aggregated information, and not for the investigation of specific individuals. Faculty, staff, or other stakeholders requesting information about the survey or access to data should contact OIEA at
  • Is this survey approved by Clemson's Institutional Review Board?
    Clemson will use results from UCLA’s HERI Faculty Survey for the purpose of internal assessment and not as generalizable research. Therefore, the survey does not necessitate IRB review or approval at Clemson. However, the survey does maintain IRB approval through UCLA. Participation in the HERI Faculty Survey is completely voluntary, and faculty may terminate their participation at any point for any reason.
  • Why is my participation important? How will my responses be used?
    Administered every three years, the survey identifies important information about faculty satisfaction, workload, goals, stressors, and experiences. By capturing information about our faculty’s pedagogical activities, goals and expectations of students, research and service activities, and satisfaction, Clemson will be able to identify actionable information for strategic planning, recruitment and retention, faculty development activities, and pedagogical practices. Likewise, institution-wide results to the HERI Faculty Survey will be an important way of charting our progress within ClemsonForward while providing a way to identify areas in need of improvement. Additionally, Clemson will be able to compare results with two other peer institutions while being included in HERI’s national research agenda.
  • How do I know the survey invitation I receive is legitimate?
    HERI will email Clemson faculty from the email address CCIT is aware of the distribution and has worked to avoid any issues involving automatic spam filters.
  • What if I did not receive a survey invitation via email?
    If you are a faculty member and did not receive an invitation to participate in the HERI Faculty Survey, please check your spam or junk folder within your Clemson email account. If you still do not locate your invitation, please contact the Office for Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment at or 864-656-6840.
  • How can I learn more about surveys provided by UCLA's Higher Education Research Institute?
    HERI designs and distributes surveys for multiple higher education audiences including students and faculty. If you would like to explore their survey instruments or processes, click here.